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About Us

Please allow us to take a few moments to introduce ourselves. We are Gene and Nadia, a team in life and a team in business.

For several years Gene has been in the house flipping business. As a structural engineer and General Contractor, not only have the houses been beautifully renovated, but they are also sound and strong.

For now, we are in the process of selling these houses. In this tough market, it is a real challenge to find homebuyers qualified for a mortgage.  That’s why we have implemented creative financing structures for our customers. It’s a win-win deal where we revive the hope and dream of becoming a homeowner for many persons around our neighborhood.

Here is how we work: we rent the house to the future homeowner. To start, we have an in-depth review of their aspirations and financial possibilities. This is to make sure that the persons want that house and can afford it. Right after they moved in, we work with them on their mortgage. We are able to do that because there are still lenders out there who work with people with credit issues. The mortgages are 30 years term. They are issued at a fixed rate that is determined by the lender. The highest rate is currently a little less than 5 % (as per Jan 15th 2010). But with some work and creativity, we can bring that rate down to as low as 0.125% (no… no typo).

Nadia has been in banking and IT for 25 years in Belgium, Luxemburg and Switzerland. She is also a certified coach from the Coach Training Alliance . She uses all that experience to help the people through the intimidating process of the mortgage qualification.

Furthermore, we are specializing in real estate investments: wholesale, brokerage of REO portfolios, trading of performing and non-performing notes.

Although our live is already pretty full with business, we don’t forget the fun. We both love cats (the fur all over the place a little less, but it’s part of the deal). We are avid readers, quite good cooks (we combine american and european recipes), we take ballroom dance lessons, love gardening. We spend also quite evenings playing Scrabble, backgammon and dominos. Dining out is one of our pleasures too.

So, now that you know a little better who we are, we can start blogging, commenting and interacting. We hope to see you soon!

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