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French Baguette

January 17, 2010

I love to bake bread.
There is something sensual in kneading dough and it’s difficult to beat the taste of fresh home-made bread.
Here is the recipe I use. Yes, I know… I took the easy way. But why reinvent the wheel? :))


Why this blog?

January 15, 2010

Devastating news from Haiti…
Economic recession…
Freezing temperatures making the life of thousands of homeless people a hell…
Bombs’ deflagrations in many places in the world…
Difficulties to make ends meet…

All we hear is misery. We truly suffer with all the people touched by catastrophes. Yes, this blog will be serious and talk about real estate, economy, foreclosures, non-existing lending, etc…

But as a couple, we have also decided that we need to go on with our business, with our lives and, like everybody else who has a sense of responsibility, to be active in keeping the spirits up.

That is why every night, before we fall asleep, we share our “happy moments” of the day. They can be as big as having sold a house. They can be as small as having enjoyed a quiet coffee break. It doesn’t matter. What matters is to recognize that life, love and joy are still a topic. What matters is to be grateful for what we have and still can enjoy.

So, not only are we going to talk about serious matters, but we would also like to share with you our happy moments, recipes, gardening tips, good dining places, laugh and happiness.
We will create categories in the blog as the articles will arise.

Do you accept to partner with us? Do you accept to share good times with us? Of course, you can also whine, complain, fuss at life. No problem… We’ll take it too. But we pledge that our replies will always try to lift your mood.

Gene and Nadia